The term "Blue cruise", is identified with one of the important personalities of Turkish Literature named Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı.  Cevat Sakir, who also is known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, was exiled to Bodrum in 1962 due to his political thoughts and opinions. He started to admire his environment with time and started to make research about cultural history of Bodrum with his intellectual curiosity. He rented the boat 'Yatağan' of a sponge driver and started to rediscover the Aegean coasts which have been immortalized with Homer and this is how the "Blue Cruise" was born.
The route of the blue cruise consists of the bays of Bodrum, Gökova, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, Antalya - Kekova peninsula of unique beauty, and blue cruise means to experience the sun, sea and history together. You can chat with your family or friends during the whole blue cruise and enjoy food of the Mediterranean cuisine, can swim in the magnificent Aegean and Mediterranean sea and explore the rich underwater world, do water sports, and enjoy your time by walking in the green nature and visit historical places. Blue cruise is the form of a wonderful holiday bringing together the blue of the sea and green of nature.

Yacht rental period and Price Calculation
Rental, usually is calculated on a weekly basis. Seven days- so a week- generally is accepted as the minimum charter period. Reservations are calculated from Saturday to Saturday as 7 days.  The weekly price of the yacht is divided into seven in order to determine the daily price, and if the yacht should be rented for more than 7 days, then rental period is calculated by multiplying with number of days. For some yachts, rental can also be made for less than 7 days and at low season periods a yacht can also be rented only for a few days. The charter period begins at noon of the first day and ends at noon of the last day.  High season rates are valid for the most popular charter periods is July/ August. Middle term is valid for June and September. Low season rates are valid for the months May and October.  

Selecting the appropriate Yacht

  Selection of the appropriate yacht varies depending on the blue travel traveling time, number of persons, date of yacht renting and the budget of the guest. In accordance to these criteria, Important Group Yachting staff will offer you various yacht alternatives to experience an enjoyable holiday.

What is/ is not included in the rental fee
Provision of the yacht in full operative way with all equipment to be provided for the renting person, insurance against sea risks and the crew wages, food and clothing of the crew and petrol enough to daily spend 3-4 hours traveling, (except for chartering of motor yachts) towels and linen change services and related costs belong to the yacht owner. All other activity costs are paid by the guest. These fees are calculated by adding any alcoholic or non- alcoholic drinks consumed by the customers themselves, any food material, fees of any marina not included in the program,  harbor and agency fees for foreign waters, and if t he yacht should be left at any place other than the port of registry then the fuel costs required for the yacht to be brought to the port of registry, fees compensating the costs of days lost during bringing back the yacht and fuel required for motorized water sports costs.

Payment Terms

40% of the total rental fee is paid as deposit on the date of signing the contract by bank transfer or credit card. After payment, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation. The remaining balance should be paid together with APA fees during check- in on the yacht.

What is Apa- How it is calculated

Pre-preparation advance (APA FEE) is made during payment of the rent. Generally it is calculated as 25% of the rental fee, however, in some ultra-luxury yachts this fee can also be 30%. Fees for food, beverage, and harbor fees (for non-contractual harbors) are to be given to the captain of the yacht before starting the tour. This payment was designed to meet the costs of food and other costs. APA are payments made on your behalf by the captain. All invoices and cash payments must be completed by the gests before starting the tour. The captain will issue a list of costs and payments for you and if less spending was made than the APA amount, the remaining amount will be returned to you. If spending should exceed the APA amount, you will have to complete the exceeding amount.

Tour Routes and Harbors
Tour routes and harbors generally are selected by our guests from previously determined routes and if possible the customers can inform our agency about harbors and bays he wants to visit in order to make a change in the route and this change will be stated in the tour contract. If upon request of the customer, the tour should end at a harbor other than the final harbor stated in the contract, the guests will also bear the costs which will occur during the travel of the yacht to the contractual harbor.

About food and Beverage

All requests, special whishes, any allergies against any foods, special needs and all other necessary details of the customer are listed and the shopping list to be determined before the tour can then be organized by Important Group Travel on behalf of the guest or you will have the possibility to make a selection from our standard or deluxe menus. If the customer whishes, he also can make his own food and beverage shopping himself. The meals consist of breakfast supplies, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks, fruits, bakery products, cookies etc. and the meal is served together with cold and warm appetizers in compliance to the Mediterranean cuisine. On some evenings, barbecue is made on the sea. If there should be vegetarian guests in the group or those, who are not allowed to eat special things, then our chief prepares a menu in accordance to the whishes and needs of these guests.
Our customers can comfortably benefit from our standard and deluxe menus we are offering at additional cost. Please contact us for general standards and prices of our standard and deluxe menus and a menu sample.

Smoking on the yacht

For safety reasons, smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabins and interior areas. Smoking is only allowed at areas confirmed to be suitable by the captain, and this usually is outdoors. It is also prohibited to bring substances on the yacht, which are considered as illegal substances on land.

Advantage of private charter
Since during private yacht chartering tours you are together with family or friend groups, this means that the yacht has been allocated specifically for you. Therefore, this makes you feel more special and free. You not only have the chance to select your tour route and meal menu, but it will also be paid much more attention to your requests.

Number of Passengers and Staff on The yacht
Cabins usually are designed for two persons. For private chartering, given not to exceed the official capacity of the yacht, the number of persons depends on you. Usually there are 3 persons ready on the yacht- the captain, chief and the sailor.  This number increases depending on the size and features of the yacht. There is also a hostess on some boats. Every yacht staff is certified personnel experienced in his/ her field.

Check in and Check out time

Check in on the yacht is at the afternoon of the first day. Check out is after breakfast on the 8th day. It is up to the customer to stay at a harbor or bay on the first and last night of the private yacht chartering tour.
What you should bring with you
According to the season it is suggested that you should bring comfortable clothes, a sweater for the evening, a hat for daytime, sunglasses, shorts, sun cream, swimmer/ bikini, t- shirt, book, and a camera.
Since you usually do not change clothes very often on the yacht, it is recommended that you only bring what is really necessary in a small suitcase. Towels are available as standard on the yacht.

Electricity on the yacht
As long as the yachts are at the harbor, there is 220Volts electricity. Sockets are bilateral and of European standards. If the plugs of your country differ from these standards, it is recommended to bring an adapter with you. With generators or invertors being operated on several boats for some hours, you always be able to charge you mobile phones, computers and cameras. .

Weather Forecast
The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are one of the routes with almost always clear and sunny weather. You can make the blue cruise between April and the middle of November. June, July and August are the hottest and busiest months due to holiday season. Therefore the other months may be preferred in terms of price advantages.
Living on the yacht
If you are together with your family or children, you may prefer to be at a more quite bay for swimming and relaxing. You can see underwater beauty with masks, and may stroll in the forest, residential areas or historical places. You can relax by reading a book or work on you computer
If you are with friends, you can make barbeque with music along with some drinks. You may prefer to stay at the harbors in the evenings in order to go shopping or have some entertainment. Our captain will issue a program in accordance to your preferences and will do his best to offer you a very good holiday. The yachts usually are under way for 3-4 hours a day and may stop at 3-4 different bays. Sails may be opened according to the wind conditions.

Greek Island Tours
Most of our yachts are able to go to the Greek Islands in terms of their hardware and certificates. Passengers with Turkish Passport must have a valid passport and Shengen Visa. Persons having a passport from Western Countries are also required to carry their passport with them. In private yacht chartering, entry to and exiting from Greek harbors and harbor fees are paid by the guest. According to rules, in Greece the yachts must stay at harbors at night and are not allowed to stay at bays.

Accepting Children on Yachts
Given that care and responsibility of children is at the parents, children also may also participate in yacht tours. However it will make your holiday more comfortable if you bring your babysitter with you.

Pets on the Yacht
Unfortunately, due to cleanliness and hygiene issues, pets are not allowed on most of the yachts.

Communication and Telecommunication on the yacht
Usually the communication operators provide access on most bays.

Travel insurance
All yachts are under insurance and cover third parties. The insurance covers medical expenses of injuries which may occur during traveling and damage that may occur during an accident. However, the insurance does not cover a damage or loss that occurs outside the yacht. Therefore our guests are suggested to make a travel-, health-, accident-, tour cancellation or loss of luggage and interruption of travel insurances to cover any negativity that may arise outside the yacht.


For guests with sensitive stomach it is advised to bring with them nausea medicine.

Points to take into consideration on the yacht

Since the water is limited on the yacht, water should be used carefully. It is very dangerous and prohibited to smoke in the cabins. You can smoke in areas deemed appropriate by the captain like the deck But should not through cigarette buts in the sea in order to protect the clean marines.  You should be careful that your belongings do not fly away on windy days. The captain may change the route and meal times due to weather conditions. Do not throw toilet paper and other impurities in the toilet. Do not leave the yacht for a long time without informing your friends or the captain. You should return to the yacht at the time noticed by the captain.
Please take care of your small children on the boat. Children respecting the warnings will take more pleasure during the blue travel. Do not jump from the yacht before all engines completely shut down, do not swim far away from the yacht and make sure  not to be on the route of speed motors and yachts. Be aware of wet floors, not to slip on wooden floors and stairs. It can be very slippery especially while wet.
For your own safety take care of ropes, hatches, cables, doors, fan and ventilation units.

Activity equipment on the yacht
Usually you will find fishing materials and snorkel on the yachts, and sometimes also water ski, Wakeboard, windsurf, ringo, banana and even Jet-ski may be available.  
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